Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Getting your Log4Net AdoNetAppender running w/ Sql Server

After reading through Michael Flanakin's post, Log4Net is Crap4Crap, and after some further hardship getting the AdoNetAppender to work, I have my own list of recommendations if you're trying to get it to work.

1) Don't rely on log4net to give you feedback. If anyone can explain this, please do. I did set log4net.Util.LogLog.InternalDebugging = true, and still didn't get any help coming through my RollingLogFileAppender. If you can help with this, please do, for posterity.

2) Start a SQL Profiler and watch all login, failed login, and start command events.
Then you'll know whether the Appender is actually managing to execute the command and, if so, you'll get to have a look at what's wrong with it.

3) Don't let your numeric values be set to null. Log4net will die. And be ready for null strings to actually be sent as the string value, "(null)". This might only be an issue if you're using custom logging properties.

4) Start simple. I wound up succeeding by adding defaults to the parameters on my stored procedure, and then adding stored parameters one by one into the AdoNetAppender configuration.

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