Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Performance Follow up: SqlHelper, object[] vs SqlParameter[]

On a Q&D performance test as suggested by Phil, performance seems to differ only negligably, but on average, I (and the report I cited as well) was wrong.

Calling the methods included in a previous post, 5000 times each,
With parameters took 1203.125 milliseconds.
With objects took 1250 milliseconds.
Objects took -46.875 milliseconds less.
20000 times each:
With parameters took 4859.375 milliseconds.
With objects took 5015.625 milliseconds.
Objects took -156.25 milliseconds less.
If this test is accurrate, it costs pretty much a constant 0.0078 ms to use the SqlHelperParameterCache object to look up the parameters.

Thanks Phil! I think if we go by Haacked's recommendations on optimization, then in this case we should clearly go with the option that renders code most easy to read, write, and maintain.

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